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DH 101 Class (Virtual) with Jenny- March 2024


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A 20-hour course based on a framework of Paddy Ladd's powerful book, Understanding Deaf Culture: In Search of Deafhood and the work of Deafhood Institute Curriculum Development Team
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Participant Requirements Q & A

Is there a book that is required for the class?

Not required, but if interested, Paddy Ladd's UNDERSTANDING DEAF CULTURE: IN SEARCH OF DEAFHOOD book can be bought through Amazon. An e-book version for Kindle readers is also available.  The introduction and first three chapters have been translated into ASL can be found here:  https://www.deafhood.org/asl-translates

Do I need to attend all the class sessions?

We require that everyone attend both the first and second session of your class.  If you are not able to show up with these two sessions, we will ask that you not come for the rest of the class and contact Chriz to discuss possible alternatives.  There are two reasons for this: 1) the first two classes build the framework in understanding what Deafhood is about, which is an important foundation that is needed to discuss content in the latter parts of the class.  And, 2) introductions with each other happen at the beginning, and this process of getting to know one another has an important impact on understanding how we as Deaf people relate to one another with our various background experiences and how this is being affected by the "system" that we live under.  In addition, we hope you can make a commitment to attend every session after the first two, as previous participants have commented that the class discussions have been most invaluable in their learning process.

Beyond the first two sessions, we strongly encourage your attendance but we understand that "life happens" and sometimes that is not possible, and to contact the facilitator to let him or her know. 

What are the technology requirements on my end?

Please download the latest version of the Zoom app onto your device.  We strongly encourage the use of a laptop or computer (Chrome or Safari desktop) for optimal virtual experience when utilizing the Zoom platform.   The use of Zoom on mobile devices, such as phones, iPads or other tablets were found to significantly reduce the quality of productive presentations and discussions because viewing options are limited, and this affects not only you but the facilitator and whole class.  If you do not own a laptop or desktop computer, the facilitators would appreciate your making every effort to borrow someone else's computer or making use of the available computers at a local library.  If this is not possible, you might want to wait until an in-person class is available near you (contact Chriz if you would like to discuss setting up a class in your area).

What is the Deafhood Institute Program Code of Conduct that is expected of me?

To participate in this class, you will be expected to respect and support a safe space being offered to you and all the participants involved in this class and to maintain everyone's privacy and confidentiality by not disclosing who is in the class and what information they shared in any way or form. We will not tolerate any violation of confidentiality, disruptive or insulting behavior, refusal to comply with requests being made by facilitators, or the persistent abuse of facilitators as they do their work to facilitate the class.  Any time this code of conduct is not being met could be grounds for immediate expulsion from the class and/or participation from any future programming without any expectation of a refund.  The class facilitator and/or the MDHAC Co-Executive Director reserves the full right to make an expulsion decision. 

Can I use materials within the class?

The materials provided through this class are for your own personal use only and cannot otherwise be used without Museum of Deaf History, Arts & Culture's express, written permission. 

What is the refund policy?

Please note that only 50% of registration fee is refundable if you cancel your registration within 5 days before the start of class (unless a replacement can be found for the seat in which you can get a full refund).  However, within 48 hours or less, 100% of the registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

If you have any questions about the course, class schedule, or registration process, please contact us at contact@deafhood.org